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Bruised Brand

Did your business or personal brand get bruised in the recession? Resume seems good but no one's calling?

It's time to rebrand your personal image. Let me help you reassess, retool, retrain and reinvent your image in preparation for rebranding.

I have pulled together a collection of my columns and essays written over the last several years and put them into a book, "Musical Chairs -- A Lesson in Personal Rebranding." You may read the Table of Contents here.

Many of you may recognize some of the columns from their appearance in other publications. However, several new essays and columns are included, such as the first person experience of losing my mother.

The title comes from the children's game, Musical Chairs, where the goal is to get the last seat from the circle when the music stops. Working in corporate America can also feel like a game of Musical Chairs in this day and age of layoffs, company closings and recession.

If you're starting to hear music, take the time to reassess your skill sets, reinvent yourself with additional training and then return to the market place rebranded.

Copies are $19.95, plus 8.25 percent tax= $1.65.

First class postage is $3.99 = total of $25.59.

Purchase your copy by calling 972-291-8452, sending an email to sharon(at)egieborexpressions dot com or using your PayPal account with this email.

Thank you

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